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Growing Things


We are so pleased that we got our greenhouse as it provided us with a place to grow our seeds and we have enjoyed tasting some of the things we have grown especially the cucumbers, lettuce and tomatoes. The smell of the herbs in the garden is wonderful and we are attracting lots of bees and butterflies.  Fingers crossed we will grow some pumpkins!

Peter Rabbit 2

Check out Leon ‘s review of Peter Rabbit, he recommends it.

He said yes he liked the film. He had a drink, popcorn and fruit shoot

When asked what he liked he replied everything, it was funny and Peter Rabbit stole the tomatoes.

He rated it as very good it was not boring and he would like to go again!

Why not encorage your child to do their own review of any films that they have seen!


Traffic Club Let’s Go pack

Every year the older children receive a safety pack from the Children’s Traffic Club with lots of interactive activities for the children to do, this year the pack is called Let’s Go, we hope you find it useful, check out the website at, let us know how you get on with the packs and if you found it helpful.

New Term September 2018

We have spaces available in both rooms in September, we take fee paying and funded, 30 hours for some eligible parents. Fee paying £12 per 3 hour session.
Just a reminder session times are;
If attendimg for a full day please provide packed lunch there will be a charge of £2 as this is extra and not included in funded hours.
Ring us for further details.

Summer News Letter


WOW where has this year gone!
Good luck to all our children leaving for Primary Schools, we have enjoyed having you here 
Ofsted report is in and we are very excited to report:
• Effectiveness of the leadership and management – Good
• Quality of teaching, learning and assessment – Good
• Personal development, behaviour and welfare – Outstanding
• Outcomes for children – Good

It has been a real pleasure to be part of your children’s lives and their learning.

We have enjoyed so much
• Music
• Maths fun
• Bug hunts
• Science investigations
• Being pirates & discovering treasure
• Learnt how to cross the road & be safe
• Be nice to one another
• Take care of our world, it is the only one we have

2 year children in over the holiday except weeks beginning 31/7/17 and 7/8/17
3&4 year room not back until Wednesday 6th September 2017

Holidays – Your funding entitlements unfortunately do not cover you when your child is away on holiday during term time, fees will have to be paid to cover absences [£12 per session plus £2 if staying over lunch time]

Tell your friends about us, we have spaces for September 2017 – in both rooms.
Lastly we hope you all have a fantastic summer holiday and be safe in the sun!

Make a memory box of things collected while away like postcards if you visit the coast, bus tickets if you take a bus or a leaflet from a place you are exploring and bring them in after the holiday to share and talk about.

Music session’s with Pippa

All the children really enjoy the weekly music sessions they have with Pippa.

They learn lots of new songs, get to play instruments and it also helps them in preparation for school , with sitting altogether in a group and sharing .

Please check out Pippa online at –



Following our Safeguarding Policy the staff members at Little Sparks are not permitted to be friends with anyone on Facebook or any other social media sites  such as Instagram or Snapchat………… so please do not be offended when friend requests are not accepted.



When a child in setting has a birthday we sing happy birthday to them (they wear the special birthday hat) and we clap how old they are.

If they bring in birthday cards the children like to see them.

Some parents like to bring in cake or something for all the children ( this is not compulsory of course and not every parent chooses to do this). This would be given out at the end of the session as some children may have allergies.

We are often asked if we would like to come round for tea or attend birthday parties and other celebrations….

It is very nice to be asked but following our Safeguarding policy we are not permitted to attend.

We hope you all have a wonderful time and enjoy your celebrations and look forward to you coming in and telling us about all the fun you have had…..