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Following our Safeguarding Policy the staff members at Little Sparks are not permitted to be friends with anyone on Facebook or any other social media sites ┬ásuch as Instagram or Snapchat………… so please do not be offended when friend requests are not accepted.



When a child in setting has a birthday we sing happy birthday to them (they wear the special birthday hat) and we clap how old they are.

If they bring in birthday cards the children like to see them.

Some parents like to bring in cake or something for all the children ( this is not compulsory of course and not every parent chooses to do this). This would be given out at the end of the session as some children may have allergies.

We are often asked if we would like to come round for tea or attend birthday parties and other celebrations….

It is very nice to be asked but following our Safeguarding policy we are not permitted to attend.

We hope you all have a wonderful time and enjoy your celebrations and look forward to you coming in and telling us about all the fun you have had…..

Things children come out with………..


Noticing the chalk boards, he called everyone over to sit by them. ‘Come on’, and directed them to sit or got them a chair.

He proceeded to write on the board ‘What letters this?’ ‘What letter is this?’ He was attempting to write letters.

Over the week I noticed him collecting a diary and pencil and then getting a small group of children together to sit with him and he calls and fills in his ‘register’.

When I was filling in the register at the table he came and sat opposite me. He put his diary down and proceeded to call out the children’s individual names and waited for a response from them.



Harley was building a great tower as part of his bear enclosure (playing with zoo animal’s). Three cubed towers of differing heights.

Out of the blue, Harley asked’ what would a spider do to you if it bit you? I replied spiders here usually don’t bite. He then went on to ask ‘What superpower would you have?’ I explained to him it was pretend like spiderman.

Harley was very thoughtful. ‘You can die if a spider bites you’. We discussed that it’s unlikely here.

He then asked if a spider bites will you die? I said that we don’t have those sort of spiders, and they could be found in really hot countries but even then a bite might be painful but you wouldn’t die.

I said Australia might be a place you could find these big spiders and he said ‘Ive been there on my holiday’. But he hadn’t ………….




We are excited to soon be using the online learning journey known as Tapestry. We hope it will be something we can work on together by adding photo’s and comments about what the children have been doing here and at home. It will also help us along with you to support your children’s learning and provide some play idea’s to try out.

Children learn through playing and having fun. By using Tapestry you can follow your child’s individual progress and achievements.

Watch this space………….