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Transitions 2019

Children born between 1st September 2014-31st August 2015 can start school full time 2019.
It’s that time of year again when you have to be thinking about what school you would like your child to go to, transition time also includes:
Home to preschool
Two year room to Three year room
Moving up to Primary School
Moving up to High School
Always a good idea to:
Go and visit settings if you are not sure
Meet staff
Take your child for a visit if possible
Have set questions ready or concerns to ask when visiting a school of your choice
When you have made your choice and your child has been accepted and they ask whether you would like a home visit have one as this gives you an oppurtunity to talk about your child in their home learning environment.

It may seem like a stressful time but believe us when we say do not leave it to the last minute-then you will know what real stress is. We cannot automatically put your children in for you, you have to apply on line at
This is open now until the 15th of January 2019. You will be asked to make three choices, just putting down one school does not guarantee a place if they are oversubscribed and N.C.C. would allocate you a school (so always put down a second and third choice.) Remember the time goes very quickly and even though you have till January much better to get it done before Christmas takes over.
Feedback from some parents who have already visited some schools say they felt it was the right place, for most families it is straight forward as it is the school that is on your doorstep but you do need to put in your application just because you are over the road it is not automatic.
Date for Valley Primary School for Tuesday 13th November 4-5pm for a look around for new intake.
Don’t forget to check put our transition leaflets and staff will always sign post you in the right direction.