2 year olds

Opening Times

Little Sparks is open Tuesday to Friday for 2 year olds. We are open for 47 weeks per year for funded and non-funded children. Funding is dependent on individual family criteria.

Tuesday          8:50 – 11:50    12:10 – 3:10

Wednesday     8:50 – 11:50    12:10 – 3:10

Thursday         8:50 – 11:50    12:10 – 3:10

Friday             8:50 – 11:50    12:10 – 3:10

Admission for children is the term after their second birthday.Please make sure that you arrive promptly so that all the children can start the session on time and that you are waiting for them at the end of the session.

 2 Year olds Developmental Check

To ensure your child’s development is well supported in the setting we are required to complete a 2 year Developmental Check between the ages of 2 and 3 years of age with their parent to make sure your child continues to progress to their next milestones. We welcome your involvement in this.

Common Concerns

We understand that at this age range, the children are still learning the fundamentals of personal, social, and emotional understandings. They are gradually learning how to express themselves positively, and get along well with others of their age.

It’s not uncommon for children to become upset, have tantrums, and have disagreements with each other when difficulties in their communications arise. This may result in parental concerns. Please feel free to discuss these worries with a staff member. There are many strategies that may be useful to you.