Maths Fun

Thank-you for dropping into our maths session.

Maths does not have to be scary, you are doing it yourselves all the time.

Here are some fun ideas for maths for you and your children to enjoy.

– Match socks and count into pairs!

– Estimate how many beans in a tin.

– Sort vegetables into size

– Look at numbers around the home and in other places such as shops, Dr’s.

– When cutting up fruit cut into halves and quarters.

Make your own games.

– Skittles.

– Make playdough measure out the ingredients you will need.

– Sing number songs.

– Cook together measure and weigh your ingredients.


Jackie and Donna….

We have enjoyed being part of a maths cluster group.

Maths can be so much fun..

The children have enjoyed learning number rhymes ( a simple way to help with numbers)


Around the room have you noticed the six fat sausages … the children love this rhymn…

‘6 fat sausages sizzling in the pan’

‘1 went pop , the other went bang’