We have enjoyed some autumn activities.

– Measuring pumpkins.

We collected different sizes for children to sort, used a tape measure to measure around and top to bottom, introduced new words like weight, height, width and circumference, we estimated how many seeds were inside the pumpkin, lots, hundreds, five, twenty were just some of the responses.

– clocks changing

When the clocks went back we looked at safety jackets and reflectors to see what they do, children laughed to see how much they glowed in the dark when you shine a torch on them.

We looked for safety features around the building.

See what you notice when you are out and about.


– Remembrance day

On remembrance day we painted lots of poppies.

We talked about what people have done in the past to give us a safe future.

We also talked about what things and toys Mums, Dads, Grandparents and other family members played with when they were young.

Thought and talked about what we take for granted, homes, food and water.

Jackie remembers green shield stamps, a beige and red pushchair for her dollies and watching telly in black and white.

Leave us a comment letting us know your childhood memories..

Bird Watch!

As part of our project on birds one of the parents bought in some for us to see.

The children were very excited liked all the different colours and asked questions about where they live and what they eat. We have been counting how many birds come in to our garden and talking about what we need to feed them during the winter months.

We are amazed at the variety of birds you can find in marlpit woods at least 15 different varieties.

You can hear the greater spotted woodpecker and the tawny owl.

A nice place to visit is swallow aquatics has a variety of birds, fish reptiles and rabbits.

– Marlpit Wood Walk

It is wonderful to see the seasonal changes that occur in Marlpit Woods, we enjoy taking the children for walks throughout the different seasons to see what we can find and observe.
Working with our Local Community Enabling officer-West Louise from Norwich City Council we thought you might like to go for a walk yourselves and Lou has put together what to look out for on your adventure.