Sessions are FREE for all children the term after their third birthday.  The Government funds 15 hours of early years education per week during school term time. However, please make sure your children attend their allocated sessions – prolonged absence could mean funding being stopped. It also helps with the settling in and continuity with your child

Additional sessions may be available at extra cost. Cost is £12 per session.

Fees must be paid in advance. You can pay fees at the beginning of every week or monthly. Please have correct money as we do not always have change on the premises.  In the event of absence, illness or holidays fees will still be charged.

At the end of any fortnightly period of absence or non-payment we reserve the right to reallocate your child’s place if we are not notified of the reason and payment due paid in full.

We charge £2.00 per day for your child to stay at Lunch time. Please bring in a named purse or envelope on your first weekly session.  If you do not wish your child to stay please collect them at 11:50am returning at 12.10pm

Lunch Times are not part of your childcare entitlement.

Please provide an appropriate named lunch box with ice pack to ensure contents stay cool and a spoon if required.